The Abadia 2019 and Chardonnay 2019 wines from Raimat got an ecological certification


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The Lleida winery Raimat (DO Costers del Segre) is currently presenting the first fully organic vintage of two of its most emblematic wines: Raimat Abadia and Raimat Chardonnay. Thus, Raimat emphasizes that “both wines have been made following the principles of organic farming marked by the European Union and which include, among others, the protection of the vineyard with natural products; the use of organic compost for its marking, weed control mechanically, reducing the use of sulfur in the winery “.

badia and Raimat Chardonnay join other wines from the same winery that are already certified as organic, such as Vol d’Ànima, Ventada (white Grenache) or Boira (Black Grenache). Raimat, with 100% of its vineyards certified as sustainable, is the leading wine research and development center in our country and a standard of sustainability and environmental programs.

To publicize the launch of organic Abbey and Chardonnay, Raimat has launched a communication campaign on television and is launching a promotion at points of sale: with the purchase of two bottles of Abbey and Chardonnay you get a gift as a gift and a few seeds to sow poppies.

Raimat Abadia ECO, 2019, a blend of Cabernet Sauvignon and Tempranillo, is a wine that represents the essence of the winery and is the oldest wine brand in the entire DO Costers del Segre. A structured, fine and elegant wine that combines ripe black fruit with notes of tobacco and dark chocolate, “according to winery officials.

Grape Chardonnay ECO 2019, is a monovariate of this grape variety that offers very aromatic, complex, fresh and fruity wines “, explains the Lleida winery. One of the peculiarities of this wine is the wide range of different notes it collects. of the chardonnay, because it is made with selected vines harvested at different times of the season and ripening points.


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