Gonzalo Ferreruela presents a gourmet takeaway for the diner to also be the chef


Como Pomona

Como Pomona

  • ‘Ferreruela at home’ offers finished dishes or with the last touch by the customer

  • The proposal enhances the gastronomic point and complicity with the customer

This morning, the chef from Lleida, Gonzalo Ferreruela, from the Ferreruela restaurant, Cuina de la Terra, presented his proposal for takeaway food with a clear commitment to its gourmet cuisine. “I sought the balance between the house’s artisanal gastronomic elaborations, with the point of service and practicality that the takeaway kitchen demands,” Gonzalo explains. The restaurant has updated its website (www.ferreruela.com) with a virtual store that allows you to order online or by phone.

The chef adds that “along with the usual dishes on our menu, with Ferreruela at home we want to invite the diner to finish the most gastronomic dishes so that he is also the chef. On the one hand we propose a fun, cooking workshop type; and on the other hand, we guarantee that the customer gives the gourmet point in the finishing of the dish. All this creating community and complicity with our customers who for days we were asked to enter the kitchen to take away “.

Thus ‘Ferreruela a casa’ materializes in twelve different dishes with a minimum order of two portions per dish. Among the takeaways, ready to eat at home, Gonzalo proposes “Assortment of artisan cheeses from the land, apple compote and cereal bread and seeds”; “Grilled duck foie gras micuit and pear chutney with cereal bread and seeds”, “Smoked salmon with hibiscus and yogurt sauce with cereal bread and seeds”, “Bridge Snails Maria Teresa with real allioli “,” Octopus with hot potato cream and romesco “,” Rabbit shoulders ‘Com Cal’ candied with sweet and sour fried onion and mustard “and” Beef cheek with wine sauce from Costers del Segre and truffle puree “.

As for the option of taking dishes to finish so that they can be enjoyed with the best quality, you can choose from five proposals to finish cooking in the oven, on the grill or in the pan. In the oven we have to choose between “Shoulder lamb shoulder from Pallars at low temperature and truffled mashed potatoes” (6 minutes), “Ral d’Avinyó pork chop, with barbecue sauce and homemade kimchi” (15 minutes from the oven or grilled) and “Organic chicken cannelloni from Torre d’Erbull with truffled béchamel” (au gratin 5 minutes). To finish in the pan, you can opt for “Escudella with Anoia chickpea ball ravioli” (2 minutes) or “Risotto of mushrooms and trumpets of death” (3 minutes).

For dessert, you can choose between “Santa Teresa toast with yolk and vanilla cream”, “Dark chocolate rocks, praline and salt flower”, “Long almonds garapinyadas”, “Chocolate frozen truffles and black truffle “,” Real vanilla butter “,” Cream cheese ice cream “,” Mango sorbet “or” Chocolate ice cream “.

The offer is completed by a varied list of wines and cavas from different denominations of origin, where there is no shortage of bottles from the DO Costers del Segre. In addition, you can buy an artisan bread from too much mother made with local flours that can also be taken home.

Ferreruela at his restaurant


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