CVNE turns to sustainable wine and launches ecological editions of Cune and Roger Goulart cava





CVNE has not stopped evolving, growing and innovating both in its wines and in the way it is made over its more than 140-year history. It is a winery that has grown with a deep respect for tradition and, at the same time, has been able to incorporate innovation into its processes and is committed to its environment. As a result of this commitment, CVNE goes a step further and launches Cune Ecològic and Roger Goulart Organic: a wine and a cava, respectively, which are the result of more sustainable viticulture. Cune Ecològic is the first 100% organic Rioja wine from the winery. It is a wine from 100% sustainable agriculture and traditional and environmentally friendly practices. Thus, the fertilizers used in its preparation are completely organic and of vegetable origin. During the process, the use of any herbicide, pesticide or any other cultivation practice that may damage or modify the natural balance between the soil and the environment is avoided.

The result is a 100% natural broth, born in black variety, as a result of the manual harvesting of the native tempranillo grape and grenache. Cune Ecològic is certified as such because it scrupulously complies with the regulations that guarantee this throughout the process of its elaboration. In this way, the extremely careful and manual harvest is followed by alcoholic fermentation with local yeasts and aging in oak barrels that support the cultivation of sustainable forests. CVNE seeks in this wine the expression of the soils of Rioja Alta and the purity of aromas and flavors from grapes with which it makes it: tempranillo and grenache. It is a ruby ​​red broth with a marked aromatic intensity of berries and with light spicy notes due to its aging in barrels. In the mouth, the fruit of the hare’s eye predominates and has a persistent and balanced finish. It is an ideal wine to accompany Mediterranean cuisine: pastas, rice, cheeses and all kinds of meats.

A cava made with great care in an 18th century farmhouse
Roger Goulart Organic, on the other hand, is made in the winery of the same name in the DO Cava, a farmhouse founded in the 18th century in Sant Esteve Sesrovires and a pioneer in the traditional method of making sparkling wines. Roger Goulart, who joined the CVNE family in 2018, presents his most special cava, the result of organic viticulture. Roger Goulart Organic is a cava with fine bubbles, light and fresh, with a great balance and very versatile. The grapes selected for their elaboration, of the varieties macabeu, xarel·lo and parellada, are refrigerated prior to pressing to preserve the aromas in their entirety and keep them intact for tasting on a special occasion.

Commitment to the Environment
CVNE’s commitment to the environment is part of its DNA and that is why it carries out day-to-day actions to reduce its environmental footprint. Among these actions, it should be noted that the winery has reduced the weight of its bottles by almost 20%; the cardboard used for the wine boxes is produced with 100% recycled material and the inks are also environmentally friendly; the corks they use are made of cork, a natural material whose use protects cork oak forests; and cares for more than 545 hectares of vineyards, which has a positive impact on ecosystem conservation and CO2 uptake. To accurately determine the energy consumption of the winery in its production processes and to take the most appropriate measures to reduce it, the winery has calculated both the carbon footprint and the water footprint of its Cune Crianza, becoming the first Spanish winery to achieve this double footprint.

About CVNE
The Wine Company of Northern Spain (C.V.N.E.) is a family business that was born more than 140 years ago in Haro and today, five generations later, is still in the hands of the same family. In addition to being a leading brand in the Spanish market, CVNE distributes its wines to more than 90 countries on four continents (Europe, America, Asia and Oceania). The company permanently combines the validity of the wise winemaking traditions with the introduction of the latest innovations, which make the wines of this winery recognized as high quality wines.


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