Torres Brandy updates the image of its iconic Torres 10


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Torres Brandy renews the image of its emblematic Torres 10 to give it a sophisticated and current style in line with its other flagship brand, Torres 15. First made in 1946, this historic brandy has evolved to accompany the consumer in the course of eight decades, adapting its design to the new times but keeping intact its unmistakable personality. The new design denotes sophistication and stands out for its stylized neck and the cinnamon-colored glass of the bottle. The label retains the distinctive yellow color of Torres 10, but is now more minimalist thanks to the combination of fine black and gold lettering and the stripe, also gold, with the inscription ‘Imperial Reserve’. Other details that give it this more current look are the black and gold border that follows the neck of the bottle and ends with the anagram T10 on the yellow background and the original closure that simulates the shape of a tower. The image of Torres 10 has been transformed over time, from the classic style of the origins to the incorporation, in the mid-80s, of the yellow label, which would become its most distinctive element. . In the following decades, some subtle changes were implemented by updating the label. This latest update of both the bottle and the label gives Torres 10 a more current and daring look to reach the cosmopolitan consumer, following in the footsteps of Torres 15, which renewed its image in 2018. Torres 5 it also adds to the makeover of Torres Brandy’s iconic references. Torres 10 is a brandy made in the Penedès and is the result of the selection of the best white wines, a traditional distillation and a long aging in American oak barrels by the solera method. It is marketed in about 70 countries and has a prominent presence in bars and restaurants, with Torres 10 Ginger Ale being the most recommended combination. About Juan Torres Master Distillers Juan Torres Master Distillers is the division dedicated to the production of distillates of the Torres Family. Its origins go back to 1928, when Joan Torres Casals, second generation, began to make brandies aged in oak, soft and aromatic, from a selection of the best white wines from the Penedès (Barcelona). Today, with ninety years of experience as master distillers, perfecting the art of distillation every day, Juan Torres Master Distillers continues to seek excellence in each of his distillates and elaborates with delicacy ten references of brandy, pisco and orange liqueur under the brands Torres Brandy, El Gobernador and Magdala.


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