Cervezas San Miguel celebrates Chef’s Day with the best pairings of various Michelin stars


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Jordi Cruz, the Torres Brothers, Diego Gallegos, José Carlos García, Ricardo Pérez and Susana Aragón are some of the chefs whom Cerveses San Miguel thanks for not stopping cooking and accompanying us with their recipes in the last year . These are the best recipes and pairings of 2020 from some of the most renowned chefs in Spain inspired by San Miguel Beers by restless brewers

October 20 is International Chef and Beer Day San Miguel wants to celebrate this time by paying tribute to a profession with which he shares concern and desire not to settle for what he sets out to always look beyond.

For this reason, the beer brand presents some pairings of the most renowned chefs in our country, who have prepared especially as a celebration for International Chef’s Day, married to the San Miguel beer family by restless brewers.

Thanks to these chefs and their support in the last year, restless brewers have been able to make their world bigger and that is why the brand wants to thank them for never stopping cooking and marrying life with San Miguel Beers.


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