Local products are the protagonist of the culinary story of the restaurant La Coopérative, a narrative of dishes and flavors full of herbs and vegetables from the landscape of this point of the Pyrenees Orientales in Northern Catalonia.

Laurent Lemal organizes the gastronomic proposal of this restaurant of the Hotel Bodega Riberach in Bélesta with a menu of 17 dishes: four starters, four fish, four meats, and five desserts, including the country’s cheese proposal. These specialties are also combined by creating four different menu proposals ranging from the four-course Km0, plus their corresponding appetizers and the Petits Fours, for a price of 45 euros or 63 with the pairing of two wines; the Ephemeral Menu of eight different creations for 109 euros, or 164 euros with the pairing of five wines; and menus Altitude 369 and 1925 which are five and six dishes and cost 69 and 85 euros, respectively, with the option of pairing three or four wines, for 97 or 123 euros.

La Esqueixada 2017 with marinated anchovies, onions, peppers, olives, tomatoes and parsley; vegetable attitude with vegetables, nice in seasoning, smoked calçot, mint, yogurt and smoked broth; the oysters of Christophe and Yohann, minimally marinated, with condiments of everything, smoked broth and iodized foam; and Design me 100% vegetable with celery, truffles, lemon, and onion broth with cereals; are the starters of the menu.

Among the fish, small fishing sole with seaweed butter, potato foam, leek and caviar; Wild Eucalyptus Leucate pond with grilled potato foam, pork croutons and red wine sauce; Rogers with octopus, siphon of alioli and smoked calçot; and blue lobster with citrus.

Grilled slice of grilled pork with aubergines, zucchini, tomatoes, and flamed pork skin; Smoked duck with cherry wood and grilled with green tomatoes, green figs and cherries; Calf of the Catalan Pyrenees roasted with sage, mushrooms, beans and tomatoes; Beef steak “Fleuron the Pyrenees” of Osséja grilled with oxtail to the juice of truffle, calçot smoked and zucchini; they are Lemal’s beef specialties.

In advance of desserts, the four menus include the country’s cheese assortment, according to the custumer’s preferences, and we can also order the Chef’s Cheese with mushrooms and whiskey. The desserts of Julie Lemal, pastelent and Laurent’s wife, are: Gilou, made with Limón of Michel and Bené, thyme, fennel and seaweed; Childhood memories, with strawberry milk and spruce syrup; Vermell, a Rice in the milk of almonds with rhubarb and raspberry … And, for those who want everything, Arabica. A dessert with textures of coffee, chocolate, and orange with a touch of Grand Marnier, which well deserves a particular mention. Now that it is fashionable to abuse chocolate textures, this choral proposal enriches the plate. Simply spectacular.